Membership Advantage

“The Chamber excels at professionalism and enthusiasm. They have truly raised the bar when offering a place to network, to share ideas and to be involved in a truly class act organization.”

- Barbi Krass, Colorworks Studio

Members of the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber actively participate in a variety of educational forums,programs and events to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities provided. Through their involvement members maximize their exposure and participate in an organization that is built and thrives on the efforts of its membership and community. The Chamber works with you to maximize these six main areas of membership so that you see the greatest return on your time and financial investment.

As a Chamber represents six communities with over650 members, the BBCC has quite the reach. And, considering these communities are some of the most affluent neighborhoods in our region, this is definitely a great community to spread your message.

The more you’re involved in the Chamber the moreexposure you and your business receive. The Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber has many opportunities to quickly spread your message to a captive audience. For example, our Membership Directory is included in the Birmingham Bloomfield Lifestyle which reaches homes and businesses in the 6 communities the Chamber serves and our bi-weekly e-Newsletter has 1,600+ subscribers. Check out Chamber Chat our new TV program featuring our Members as another great way to market your business. These are just a few examples of how we can help extend the reach of your message to the business community.

Member benefits should be just that…beneficial. There is no doubt, the products and services offered by the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber can save small business owners hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. We encourage Members to do business with each other. One way to reach your target audience is to sort our Membership list and identify 10-20 top prospects and then your Ambassador mentor and the Chamber staff to assist you with introductions. Networking is all about relationships; we help members meet the best people to grow their businesses through synergistic relationships.

For more than 60 years the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber has strengthened our communities and participating businesses by providing information, resources and opportunities that promote the area’s growth and unity.

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